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Are you available at our SGM on Wed 8 May, 11am - 1pm?
This is where voting will occur - you will be given a chance to present a 1 minute speech on why you best suit your selected position. Lunch will also be provided.


i. Presides over the club, promoting directions for growth.

ii. Chairs all meetings.

iii. Oversees the Executive Committee.

iv. Builds the club’s relationship with faculty.

v. Coordinates and distributes the weekly club newsletter.

Vice President

i. Assists the President.

ii. Acts as President in the absence of the President at events or meetings.

iii. Oversees the event schedule.

iv. Coordinates committee attendance for events.

v. Ensures C&S Department training requisites are met across the committee.

vi. Organises committee meetings and an annual committee getaway.


i. Manages the club’s finances and budget.

ii. Maintains financial documents and presents a report on the club’s financial standing at each Annual General Meeting.

iii. Searches for grants, sponsorships, and other funding opportunities.


i. Takes minutes at club meetings (or delegates to another Executive Committee

ii. Manages room bookings and
equipment hire.

iii. Manages event risk assessments and applies for Clubs & Societies grants.

iv. Maintains club documentation (i.e.
constitution, meeting minutes, and other online files.)

Social Media Manager

i. Coordinates posts across our social media.

ii. Manages photography at events.

iii. Attends all events to the best of their ability.

Education Officer

i. Connects students with faculty, research groups, and courses, and facilitates opportunities for students to study plants and soil.

ii. Delivers a range of education-focused programs and events.

iii. Creates educational material (videos, pamphlets, web pages, etc.)

iv. Coordinates field guides with the Field Trip Director.

v. Actively searches for ways to engage students with plants and soil at uni.

Field Trip Director
(must have Ps/full drivers licence)

i. Coordinates field trips and camps across the year (determining locations and activities).

ii. Coordinates field trip and camp leaders/club attendance.

iii. Coordinates field guides with the Education Officer.

iv. Manages field trip and camp risk assessments and relevant C&S training.

Merchandise + Design Officer

i. Designs (or finds artists to design), orders and markets merchandise.

ii. Designs posters and flyers for club events and promotion.

Postgraduate Representative
(must be postgrad)

i. Ensures the voice and needs of postgrad students are represented across the club.

ii. Promotes the club to postgrad students and communicates with existing postgraduate members.

iii. Promotes plant and soil science postgrad pathways to undergraduate members.

Volunteer Coordinator

i. Appoints and coordinates a network of club Volunteers to help plan and run the club’s events.

ii. Promotes opportunities for Volunteers to meet the club aims, including opportunities outside of uni and club events (i.e. farm/restoration volunteering events on weekends).

General Committee (x4)

i. General assistance to the club and at events.